Friday, September 16, 2011

Way overdue...

Can it have really been over 2 months since I've last posted? Yikes! I apologize for the lack of information over the past few weeks - life here is fine for the both of us and the pups, but we've been extraordinarily busy. Sadly, we haven't been on an extended vacation or taken jobs in Disney World (Jeff's dream!).

While Dora is being a complete sweetheart around us, she still tends to go a little wacko when it comes to strangers and other dogs (inside or out of the house).

Our trainer suggested we may have better luck going the route of using a clicker - we have been doing that for only a couple of days now, but we think we've already see improvement in her reactions. What about Gus? He is still his silly, cute self as always - now that is seems to be cooling down outside, he is spending plenty of lounging around in the grass, soaking up the sun.

Jeff is finally done with all of his surgeries (3 total in less than a year - neck, knee and shoulder!), along with all of the physical therapy that goes with it, which is a nice relief. It was getting a bit tough shuffling schedules around to make sure he had enough time for all of his appointments. Now that he is Mr. Bionic, hopefully we can make it through the rest of the year with no more surgeries!

Where's all the food? I have been pretty firm about setting enough time aside to continue our constant flow of new recipes each week, though maybe not as many as we used to. What I have been lacking is time and energy to snap pictures of said food, along with sitting down and siphoning all my thoughts about the meal into a coherent post. I don't know whether or not this means we're done with this encompassing project we started six years ago back in Phoenix - only time will tell I suppose, but I hope we can manage to settle into a slower groove.
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